My Drawing of the Day

It took me many hours to complete that drawing, but I think it was worth it, what do you think?

I will post regularly on my blog more of my drawings, and will continue to motivate you with my articles.

Thank you to you my readers to follow me, you are more and more numerous to read my blog from all over the world, and that is a nice surprise!

Dan Assuied

Never Give Up The Fight!

I know many people suffer, friends who read me never give up! Never!

That man in the photo has only one leg.

Does he cry on himself, complain, over drink, eat shit, watch porn and get depressed?


He lost his leg as a soldier in the US Army in combat in Iraq, had to leave his army career because of that.

After a few months deeply depressed he overcame it, and now is working out hard and is an example for thousands on the net.

He didn’t give up and overcame it.

So people kick yourself in the ass, stop crying on yourself and fight!

And also pray G-d there is nothing possible without his help.

Dan Assuied

Follow his exemple don’t give up the fight!

The Poet Misses His Friends

Loud were their last goodbyes.

Hot is the pang in my heart.

Each time I think of them,

My sleep slips away in the night.

If you don’t think I worry for them

More than they did for me when they left me,

My wet eyes are my witness!

Is there not one good friend among them,

A brotherly soul you could tell

To drop me a line? I don’t even care

If all it says is: “We are well.”

Shmuel Hanagid (Samuel the Prince, you can read another of his poems here and also there.)

תוך לבבי אש יקודים

.תוך לבבי אש יקודים

משאון פרוד ידידים

אשבעה, מדי אדבר

.בם, עדי נשף נדודים

הם עזבוני בחרדת

.לב — ואינם לי חרדים

איך תכחשוני בדברי

!פה — ומי עיני מעידים

דברו נא לי לחבר

,טוב ואח גומל חסדים

יענני אם בשלוה

.הם ושלום מפחדים

שמואל הנגיד

The poet misses his friends by Shmuel hanagid