Bruce Lee I Drew Him Be Water My Friend

Bruce Lee is my preferred Martial Art master and sportsman. You can see here my version of him that I drew. I especially love that quotation from him: Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it.Continue reading “Bruce Lee I Drew Him Be Water My Friend”

Find Meaning in Your Life and Never Be Broken Again

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms ; to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. – Victor Frankl That powerful quotation is from the excellent and life-changing book Man’s search for meaning, by the Jewish psychiatrist Victor Frankl.Continue reading “Find Meaning in Your Life and Never Be Broken Again”

Bruce Lee Diet 8 Simple Tips to Eat Like Him

Bruce Lee followed a strict diet plan that any fitness freak would be proud of. If you want to follow his healthy lifestyle, then this article is for you. Who has not heard of Bruce Lee, the legend of martial arts, a warrior and high-level sportsman and movie star! Bruce Lee is a legend, decadesContinue reading “Bruce Lee Diet 8 Simple Tips to Eat Like Him”

How Do Prisoners Get So Muscular

How do inmates train? It is impossible not to notice the excellent physical shape of most of the inmates in the US prisons. There is even a fashionable “Convict conditioning” manual to teach how to train like them. I must specify that my article is about the prisoners in the United States, prisoners in thirdContinue reading “How Do Prisoners Get So Muscular”

Barney Ross Jewish World Champ, US Marine and War Hero

Barney Ross was one of the greatest Jewish boxers of all time who also met Al Capone and became a hero of World War II. What a life! That’s not for nothing that today on my blog I decided to write about him! He was not supposed to become a boxer. His father was aContinue reading “Barney Ross Jewish World Champ, US Marine and War Hero”

Mishima from Skinny Writer to Bodybuilder and Samurai

People often tell me that they never saw a muscled writer. My answer to them is that they never saw Yukio Mishima, writer, bodybuilder and modern samurai! He spent the last fifteen years of his life lifting weights and working out. When he was ready he made photos of him with a sword in handContinue reading “Mishima from Skinny Writer to Bodybuilder and Samurai”

Limonov the daring writer who became famous in Paris and prisoner in Russia

Edward Limonov what a life! underground poet in Russia, penniless artist in New York, trendy writer in Paris, politician and prisoner in Russia! Discover the life of this magnificent bastard and writer. Do you know Edward Limonov? He is a Russian writer, the best I’ve read, the other Russian writers make me want to sleep,Continue reading “Limonov the daring writer who became famous in Paris and prisoner in Russia”

Barney Ross boxeur juif et héros de guerre

Barney Ross était un des plus grands boxeurs juifs de tous les temps qui a connu le gangster Al Capone et est devenu un héros de la deuxième guerre mondiale. Barney Ross (Dov Rosofsky) était un boxeur pas comme les autres dans les années 1930 car absolument rien ne le destinait à devenir boxeur. SonContinue reading “Barney Ross boxeur juif et héros de guerre”

Yukio Mishima et Musculation d’Ecrivain à Samouraï

Mishima un écrivain japonais maigre et ennuyeux. FAUX! Un EX-maigre qui, grâce à sa passion le bodybuilding qu’il pratiquait 3 fois par semaine est devenu musclé et en pleine forme. Comment Yukio Mishima l’écrivain s’est transformé grâce à la musculation Mishima était un des plus grands écrivains japonais et vous pouvez en savoir plus surContinue reading “Yukio Mishima et Musculation d’Ecrivain à Samouraï”