Welcome to Fier & Libre – Proud and Free !

Do you want to escape from your daily life and entertain yourself and learn in the same time?

You are at the right place!

My blog Fier & Libre – Proud & Free is all about life, it is a blog for modern men who don’t take themselves too seriously and want to enjoy life.

Litterature, motivation, fitness and life and Self improvement are what you will find on this site.

But it is not all !

You will find here everything to improve your life.

Tips how to become more muscled and in better physical shape. Advices how to attract women and seduce them. Seduction is important too.

If you are a man who loves action that blog is also for you. I only speak of the things I tried and did in my articles.

A muscled body is important but with an empty head it is not enough. You will have book reviews also and biographies of motivating characters.

Self defense is also part of my blog because a complete man must learn to defend himself and his loved ones.

I want to help you to be proud of your body with an open mind.

Escape from everyday life!

You are here to laugh, learn, get motivated and for entertainment.

So welcome to my blog and let the fun start!

Who I am?

My name is Dan Assuied

I was a bodybuilding coach and kettlebell trainer.

I learnt boxing for 3 years and Krav Maga for 10 years.

I was in the military in the Alpine troops, French army, and in the IDF (Israeli army).

I studied litterature and languages and after that international trade.

Welcome to my blog!