My Drawing of the Day

It took me many hours to complete that drawing, but I think it was worth it, what do you think?

I will post regularly on my blog more of my drawings, and will continue to motivate you with my articles.

Thank you to you my readers to follow me, you are more and more numerous to read my blog from all over the world, and that is a nice surprise!

Dan Assuied


  1. It looks like that no matter where you live if you are ready for a big jump no force can stop you the reach the heights of mountains. It may happen that your very own ocean can be that base which can lift you up for these huge success.

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  2. Wonderful interpretation of my drawing! Thank you I didn’t think about it I wanted to draw something beautiful with nature that represents freedom. But I like your interpretation and yes I agree with you it can be that too!


  3. Dan, that drawing is amazing. You are such an artist! ❤

    Yes, please post more drawings.
    As someone who can't even draw stick figures properly, I truly appreciate artists 🙂

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