It starts, war does, as a pretty maid

Whom all men wish to sleep with.

It ends, does war, as a horrid jade,

Her lamed and her maimed left to weep with.

Shmuel Hanagid (Samuel the Prince)


קרב דומה בראשו אל יפיפה

,אשר כל איש לשחק בה יאוה

וסופו כזקנה המאוסה

.אשר כל שוחרה יבכה וידוה

שמואל הנגיד

Published by

Dan Assuied

Bodybuilding coach, kettlebell trainer, I learnt boxing for 3 years and Krav Maga for 10 years. Military service in the Alpine troops, French army, and in the IDF (Israeli army). I studied litterature and languages. https://twitter.com/DAssuied

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