I Look Around For My Old Friends

I look around for my old friends They are gone, the whole generation, All pushing up daisies. They did their best, then headed west, And soon I’ll join the emigration. Shmuel Hanagid (Samuel the Prince) אדרש ידידים אדרש ידידים נולדו .עמי בדור אחד ואינם נסעו אלי שחת, וכן .אסע ואחן עם שכונם יגעו כמו איגע,Continue reading “I Look Around For My Old Friends”

Time’s Treachery

And as for Time’s treachery, treat it with contempt. Trust not its smiles nor tears. Today it heals, tomorrow stabs. Good comes in time but the times are bad. Samuel hanagid בזה הזמן בוגד בזה זמן בוגד ואל תאמין בשחקו לך או בעת יבכה ,לבעבור כי יום יהי מעלה .צרי למכתך, ויום יכה ,בטוב, אשרContinue reading “Time’s Treachery”

Bruce Lee I Drew Him Be Water My Friend

Bruce Lee is my preferred Martial Art master and sportsman. You can see here my version of him that I drew. I especially love that quotation from him: Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it.Continue reading “Bruce Lee I Drew Him Be Water My Friend”