Bruce Lee Diet 8 Simple Tips to Eat Like Him

Bruce Lee followed a strict diet plan that any fitness freak would be proud of. If you want to follow his healthy lifestyle, then this article is for you.

Who has not heard of Bruce Lee, the legend of martial arts, a warrior and high-level sportsman and movie star!

Bruce Lee is a legend, decades after his death he remains an icon of popular culture.

Do you know he is the most popular Chinese man in China today, after Confucius?

In the world of martial arts he is still admired and adulated. He even invented his own martial art the Jeet Kune Doo.

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In the world of bodybuilding too athletes still marvel today at his extremely fit body.

But what was Bruce Lee diet? He trained 6 hours a day. To be able to follow such a hard training Bruce knew how to choose his food carefully.

Lee had not only to be strong and fast for the martial arts but he also had to look good for his films. This is impossible without proper nutrition.

Bruce Lee strict diet plan and fitness routine played a big part in his successful career.

You can find more details of Bruce Lee diet in the book “Expressing the human body“.

His diet was based on Chinese food, protein shakes and vitamin supplements.

In order to remain fast and muscled with a low body fat Bruce Lee didn’t eat junk food.

Bruce Lee diet Tip 1: eat Chinese food

Bruce Lee favorite food was Chinese. Asian dishes are more balanced and put the emphasis on carbohydrates from rice, noodles and vegetables while western food is too much about proteins and fat.

Bruce Lee preferred dish was beef in oyster sauce.

Check out that book on Amazon for easy Chinese food recipes.

Eat Chinese Food like Bruce Lee!

Bruce Lee diet Tip 2: Don’t eat empty calories

Bruce Lee referred to refined flour as empty calories. He didn’t eat cakes, biscuits and pastries. He only ate calories useful to his body.

Bruce Lee Diet Tip 3: Avoid dairy Food

Bruce Lee hated dairy Food like many Chinese. He didn’t understand how people in the western world can eat cheese. Lee used powdered milk for his milk shakes.

Bruce Lee diet Tip 4: smaller meals more often

Bruce Lee would consume four or five smaller meals a day instead of three large meals in order not to gain weight.

He would also eat fruits throughout the day to boost his metabolism.

Bruce Lee diet Tip 5: protein shakes

Bruce Lee was drinking a protein shake every morning, proteins are essential to build muscle mass.

His milkshakes were made with the following ingredients :

powder milk

protein powder


peanut butter


wheat germ oil, rich with Omega 3, fatty acids and vitamin E, and octacosanol which improves recovery and physical performance.

Brewers yeast, full of vitamins b

All the ingredients must be mixed in a food blender, like that one here.

Bruce Lee diet Tip 6: don’t forget your vitamins

Bruce Lee was also using vitamins and supplements. Here is a short list of the supplements that Bruce Lee was taking :

Vitamins C,

Bee pollen

Lecithin granules, an antioxidant that also improve physical performance.

Rose hips,

Vitamin E,

Acerola C

Bruce Lee diet Tip 7 : Royal jelly and ginseng

Royal jelly is the queen honey, a very powerful aliment with 18 different amino acids among other good things.

Ginseng is a popular Chinese drink which has many purposes. It is vitalizing and stimulating the body, and helps to recover more quickly.

Bruce Lee main drink was tea.

Bruce Lee diet Tip 8 : drink fruit and vegetable juice

He would put carrots and vegetables in a blender. That kind of juices is very rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Fruits were also used for the same reason.

As you can see after reading my article, it is not for nothing that Bruce Lee not only looked extremely fit but was also the best in martial arts and a movie star.

He was so disciplined and dedicated to his art that even the way he ate reflected his way of doing things.

A perfectionist, everything he ate had to help him in his training, otherwise it was simply not eaten!

He was way ahead of his time, in the 60’s and 70’s his methods were unorthodox.

Bruce Lee remains one of my preferred characters, his self discipline, courage, extreme fitness and mastery in martial arts made him the legend he is today.

Dan Assuied

Bruce Lee eat like him with those 8 tips. An exemple if fitness and strength.


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