How Do Prisoners Get So Muscular

How do inmates train? It is impossible not to notice the excellent physical shape of most of the inmates in the US prisons.

There is even a fashionable “Convict conditioning” manual to teach how to train like them.

I must specify that my article is about the prisoners in the United States, prisoners in third world countries eat so little that they can not even hope to remain healthy, let alone gain muscle.

Many weightlifters often wonder and ask in forums questions like “how do prisoners become so muscled, what is their secret?”

After all they are locked up all day, their food is not great, they do not take supplements, some prisons do not even have barbells and they workout every day with no days off.

In fact what these prisoners do is exactly the opposite of what is recommended in the bodybuilding magazines and in the gyms !

Those magazines advise to eat at least 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight, not to train more than 3 or 4 times a week and to take supplements.

They also add that you should exercise only one or two muscle groups per workout and once a week.

If the advice of these magazines was so good then why we don’t see muscular guys everywhere?

That proves that the training advice of those magazines is wrong.

American inmates do NOT follow any of these bodybuilding magazines advice, yet their excellent results speak for themselves!

Read what their secret is :

1) They have to be strong

When they arrive in prison they are certainly among the weakest prisoners.

In this jungle crammed with wolves they are the unfortunate sheep and future victims.

So what is their choice?

Stay weak and become a victim or become strong and be respected.

They have to become strong and fast! They do not have the choice.

The weak in the prison environment is eaten alive, a future slave, read Edward Bunker books about prison life you will see what I mean!

2) They work out every day

Prisoners always talk about their workouts and how important it is for them.

Many of them work out 7 days a week.

Even an average man who will workout that way for years will become very muscular and very strong.

They do not skip workouts, unlike free men.

3) They have a lot of Testosterone

Men who go to jail are generally more aggressive than the average Joe and have a higher level of testosterone.

Furthermore, they live in an environment filled with testosterone so their T level increases even more.

I have never been in prison but in the army, and the army is also an environment filled with testosterone.

In prison you need to have a lot of testosterone to survive.

You must be aware of your surroundings and be ready to fight or even kill at any moment, especially in the US Prisons like San Quentin or Folsom.

And testosterone is what is building muscles, together with training.

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4) They lift heavy

In a prison full of monsters who are constantly watching and looking for their next victim, it’s better to look strong and be strong.

So to lift heavy and train hard is a must to reach that goal.

By lifting heavier and heavier weights for years, anyone will become strong and very muscled.

5) They do bodyweight training

Stuck in their cells, to kill time and stay strong they do endless pull ups, dips and pushups.

All these exercises strengthen the heart, burn fat, create broad shoulders, a V-back, powerful pecs and thick arms.

No need to lift weights to look good!

6) They sleep enough hours

They sleep early and get up early, which is excellent because it is during sleep that our muscles rebuild and recover.

Enough hours of sleep is also essential for having high testosterone levels, which builds muscle.

7) They eat at the same time every day

Eating regularly is extremely important to build a strong body.

Even if what they eat is not very nourishing, they don’t lack calories, and can also buy tuna and ramen noodles at the prison store.

8) They may use steroids

With money it is possible to buy drugs and even steroids in prison. Of course not openly, but for the wealthiest prisoners it is possible. Nevertheless most of the inmates can’t afford it, and not every prison has corrupted staff.

Now that you read my article you know what to do to get in top shape!

A gym is not necessary, even weights aren’t, only willpower and dedication.

Dan Assuied

Prisoners working out

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