Mishima from Skinny Writer to Bodybuilder and Samurai

People often tell me that they never saw a muscled writer. My answer to them is that they never saw Yukio Mishima, writer, bodybuilder and modern samurai!

He spent the last fifteen years of his life lifting weights and working out.

When he was ready he made photos of him with a sword in hand to show the world the results.

But Mishima was a skinny and boring Japanese writer…


An ex-skinny guy who, thanks to bodybuilding his passion that he practiced 3 times a week became muscular and fit.

He went from wimp to stud ! Look at his photo!

Yukio Mishima the writer transformed his body thanks to bodybuilding.

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Mishima was one of the greatest Japanese writers of all times and his books are tranlated in many languages.

He also had a private army of 100 men!

He wanted Japan to leave that wimpy modern world and become again a Samurai society!

He joined the Japanese army also, but I won’t tell you more about his fascinating life, I don’t want to spoil the excellent biography about him.

Yukio Mishima also changed himself inwardly thanks to bodybuilding. He explains here in his excellent book Sun and Steel why bodybuilding changed his life.

With courage and tenacity this ex-skinny guy managed to become a beast!

“But I have bad genetics!”

So what?

Stop finding excuses for doing nothing. Mishima also at the start was nothing like an Arnold !!!!

For all the discouraged guys who read me and cry and think they are too skinny to progress, if Mishima managed to turn into a muscled guy you also can !

Look at his photo he is well built and a natural bodybuilder.

Mishima loved bodybuilding so much that when he get married he told his wife before the wedding that she mustn’t bother him 3 times a week when he goes to the gym!

Follow his example for fitness the will power is more important than genetics. He was the living proof for that.

He trained like a beast to make such a progress.

Mishima and bodybuilding … without bodybuilding he would never have developed his physical and mental strength and wouldn’t have become a modern samurai!

Now go to train!

No more excuses!

No, the dumbbells will not get lifted by themselves!

Don’t you see? The dumbbells make fun of you they think you are a lazy and fat slob unable to lift them!

They say he will never lift me, he’s watching TV all day eating ice cream instead.

So lift them! Again and again, clenched teeth, suffer in silence.

Add push ups , and pulls ups, one more, and another, again and again.

Think of Mishima, from skinny and frailed guy to that beast, a Samurai!

It’s hard but never give up!

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Dan Assuied

Yukio Mishima, he was skinny and became a beast after 15 years training!

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