Bruce Lee Diet 8 Simple Tips to Eat Like Him

Bruce Lee followed a strict diet plan that any fitness freak would be proud of. If you want to follow his healthy lifestyle, then this article is for you.

Who has not heard of Bruce Lee, the legend of martial arts, a warrior and high-level sportsman and movie star!

Bruce Lee is a legend, decades after his death he remains an icon of popular culture.

Do you know he is the most popular Chinese man in China today, after Confucius?

In the world of martial arts he is still admired and adulated. He even invented his own martial art the Jeet Kune Doo.

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In the world of bodybuilding too athletes still marvel today at his extremely fit body.

But what was Bruce Lee diet? He trained 6 hours a day. To be able to follow such a hard training Bruce knew how to choose his food carefully.

Lee had not only to be strong and fast for the martial arts but he also had to look good for his films. This is impossible without proper nutrition.

Bruce Lee strict diet plan and fitness routine played a big part in his successful career.

You can find more details of Bruce Lee diet in the book “Expressing the human body“.

His diet was based on Chinese food, protein shakes and vitamin supplements.

In order to remain fast and muscled with a low body fat Bruce Lee didn’t eat junk food.

Bruce Lee diet Tip 1: eat Chinese food

Bruce Lee favorite food was Chinese. Asian dishes are more balanced and put the emphasis on carbohydrates from rice, noodles and vegetables while western food is too much about proteins and fat.

Bruce Lee preferred dish was beef in oyster sauce.

Check out that book on Amazon for easy Chinese food recipes.

Eat Chinese Food like Bruce Lee!

Bruce Lee diet Tip 2: Don’t eat empty calories

Bruce Lee referred to refined flour as empty calories. He didn’t eat cakes, biscuits and pastries. He only ate calories useful to his body.

Bruce Lee Diet Tip 3: Avoid dairy Food

Bruce Lee hated dairy Food like many Chinese. He didn’t understand how people in the western world can eat cheese. Lee used powdered milk for his milk shakes.

Bruce Lee diet Tip 4: smaller meals more often

Bruce Lee would consume four or five smaller meals a day instead of three large meals in order not to gain weight.

He would also eat fruits throughout the day to boost his metabolism.

Bruce Lee diet Tip 5: protein shakes

Bruce Lee was drinking a protein shake every morning, proteins are essential to build muscle mass.

His milkshakes were made with the following ingredients :

powder milk

protein powder


peanut butter


wheat germ oil, rich with Omega 3, fatty acids and vitamin E, and octacosanol which improves recovery and physical performance.

Brewers yeast, full of vitamins b

All the ingredients must be mixed in a food blender, like that one here.

Bruce Lee diet Tip 6: don’t forget your vitamins

Bruce Lee was also using vitamins and supplements. Here is a short list of the supplements that Bruce Lee was taking :

Vitamins C,

Bee pollen

Lecithin granules, an antioxidant that also improve physical performance.

Rose hips,

Vitamin E,

Acerola C

Bruce Lee diet Tip 7 : Royal jelly and ginseng

Royal jelly is the queen honey, a very powerful aliment with 18 different amino acids among other good things.

Ginseng is a popular Chinese drink which has many purposes. It is vitalizing and stimulating the body, and helps to recover more quickly.

Bruce Lee main drink was tea.

Bruce Lee diet Tip 8 : drink fruit and vegetable juice

He would put carrots and vegetables in a blender. That kind of juices is very rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Fruits were also used for the same reason.

As you can see after reading my article, it is not for nothing that Bruce Lee not only looked extremely fit but was also the best in martial arts and a movie star.

He was so disciplined and dedicated to his art that even the way he ate reflected his way of doing things.

A perfectionist, everything he ate had to help him in his training, otherwise it was simply not eaten!

He was way ahead of his time, in the 60’s and 70’s his methods were unorthodox.

Bruce Lee remains one of my preferred characters, his self discipline, courage, extreme fitness and mastery in martial arts made him the legend he is today.

Dan Assuied

Bruce Lee eat like him with those 8 tips. An exemple if fitness and strength.

How Do Prisoners Get So Muscular

How do inmates train? It is impossible not to notice the excellent physical shape of most of the inmates in the US prisons.

There is even a fashionable “Convict conditioning” manual to teach how to train like them.

I must specify that my article is about the prisoners in the United States, prisoners in third world countries eat so little that they can not even hope to remain healthy, let alone gain muscle.

Many weightlifters often wonder and ask in forums questions like “how do prisoners become so muscled, what is their secret?”

After all they are locked up all day, their food is not great, they do not take supplements, some prisons do not even have barbells and they workout every day with no days off.

In fact what these prisoners do is exactly the opposite of what is recommended in the bodybuilding magazines and in the gyms !

Those magazines advise to eat at least 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight, not to train more than 3 or 4 times a week and to take supplements.

They also add that you should exercise only one or two muscle groups per workout and once a week.

If the advice of these magazines was so good then why we don’t see muscular guys everywhere?

That proves that the training advice of those magazines is wrong.

American inmates do NOT follow any of these bodybuilding magazines advice, yet their excellent results speak for themselves!

Read what their secret is :

1) They have to be strong

When they arrive in prison they are certainly among the weakest prisoners.

In this jungle crammed with wolves they are the unfortunate sheep and future victims.

So what is their choice?

Stay weak and become a victim or become strong and be respected.

They have to become strong and fast! They do not have the choice.

The weak in the prison environment is eaten alive, a future slave, read Edward Bunker books about prison life you will see what I mean!

2) They work out every day

Prisoners always talk about their workouts and how important it is for them.

Many of them work out 7 days a week.

Even an average man who will workout that way for years will become very muscular and very strong.

They do not skip workouts, unlike free men.

3) They have a lot of Testosterone

Men who go to jail are generally more aggressive than the average Joe and have a higher level of testosterone.

Furthermore, they live in an environment filled with testosterone so their T level increases even more.

I have never been in prison but in the army, and the army is also an environment filled with testosterone.

In prison you need to have a lot of testosterone to survive.

You must be aware of your surroundings and be ready to fight or even kill at any moment, especially in the US Prisons like San Quentin or Folsom.

And testosterone is what is building muscles, together with training.

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4) They lift heavy

In a prison full of monsters who are constantly watching and looking for their next victim, it’s better to look strong and be strong.

So to lift heavy and train hard is a must to reach that goal.

By lifting heavier and heavier weights for years, anyone will become strong and very muscled.

5) They do bodyweight training

Stuck in their cells, to kill time and stay strong they do endless pull ups, dips and pushups.

All these exercises strengthen the heart, burn fat, create broad shoulders, a V-back, powerful pecs and thick arms.

No need to lift weights to look good!

6) They sleep enough hours

They sleep early and get up early, which is excellent because it is during sleep that our muscles rebuild and recover.

Enough hours of sleep is also essential for having high testosterone levels, which builds muscle.

7) They eat at the same time every day

Eating regularly is extremely important to build a strong body.

Even if what they eat is not very nourishing, they don’t lack calories, and can also buy tuna and ramen noodles at the prison store.

8) They may use steroids

With money it is possible to buy drugs and even steroids in prison. Of course not openly, but for the wealthiest prisoners it is possible. Nevertheless most of the inmates can’t afford it, and not every prison has corrupted staff.

Now that you read my article you know what to do to get in top shape!

A gym is not necessary, even weights aren’t, only willpower and dedication.

Dan Assuied

Prisoners working out

Barney Ross Jewish World Champ, US Marine and War Hero

Barney Ross was one of the greatest Jewish boxers of all time who also met Al Capone and became a hero of World War II.

What a life! That’s not for nothing that today on my blog I decided to write about him!

He was not supposed to become a boxer.

His father was a Rabbi and Barney Ross ambition was to become a Yeshiva student but his life changed forever when he became an orphan.

His father was murdered by a thug in the hold up of his small grocery store.

His mother then suffered a serious nervous breakdown and Barney brothers and sisters were sent to an orphanage.

At the age of 14 Barney Ross decided to provide for himself and his family.

He began to hang out with the tough guys in his neighborhood and became a street brawler.

He even tried to work for AL Capone, who sent him home because he did not want him to become a gangster.

The goal of Dov Rosofsky (Barney Ross) was to make enough money to reunite his family.

So he chose boxing for that because it was a very popular sport then, and began to train.

Barney Ross terror of the rings and world champion

Dov Rosofsky chose the name Barney Ross because he did not want his mother to know that he was boxing.

Thanks to his speed, strength and determination to save his family, he won fight after fight, became a pro and the terror of the rings at the age of 19.

The 1930s were the era of Hitler the monster and his Nazis.

Barney Ross then decided to box with a star of David on his shorts to show the world and the Nazis that the Jews know how to fight.

Barney Ross became world champion in 3 weight classes, which is very rare in the history of boxing.

In 81 fights he was never Knocked Down. Ross stopped his boxing career with 72 wins, 4 losses and 5 draws.

He won 22 fights by knocking down his opponents.

He was recently chosen by the very prestigious Ring Magazine as number 21 among the 80 best boxers of the last 80 years !!! A legend!

Barney Ross retired from the boxing world at the age of 32. But his story is not over.

Barney Ross in the Marines

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Barney Ross decides to join the US Marines to fight for his country.

The Marines, because he was famous, did not want to send him to fight. They wanted him to stay in the US to train the Marines.

Barney Ross insisted to be sent in combat. He knocked out a Marine officer who had made an anti-Semitic remark.

Court martialed he was not punished but sent to fight. Exactly what Barney Ross wanted …

Barney Ross fought with the 8th Marines in the very hard battle of Guadalcanal against the Japanese army in the Pacific.

It was one of the toughest battles in the history of the Marines and the US Army.

One night Barney and three comrades were on patrol when they were attacked by Japanese soldiers.

His three comrades were wounded and Ross put them in a shell hole and protected them all night.

During this long and bloody night, he fired 200 rounds at the enemy who kept attacking.

When his cartridges were finished, he threw 22 grenades at them, all alone and in the dark night.

He was so sure he was going to die that he kept saying the Hebrew prayer “Shema Israel” all night long while fighting and shooting at the same time.

In the morning the Marines coming to help found him alive, with the bodies of 22 Japanese soldiers that he killed in battle alone against them all !

Two of his colleagues died during the night from their wounds, and he saved the third one by carrying him on his back.

For his heroism he won the Silver Star, the Purple Heart, and a Presidential reward.

Drug addiction defeated

He was sent to the hospital for injuries he sustained during the night and because of the malaria he got, he was treated with morphine.

He became because of that medical treatment a morphine addict back in the US. And spent $ 500 a day to take drugs.

He succeeded thanks to his iron will to beat his drug addiction.

Barney Ross then sent weapons to the young state of Israel fighting for its independance and decided to go there to fight for it.

The State Department didn’t let him do that.

Barney Ross died of Cancer in his hometown Chicago at the age of 57.

His greatest pride was that he succeeded in reuniting his family.

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Dan Assuied

If you liked this article you can know more about Barney Ross in that book about his life.

Barney Ross, Jewish world Champ, US Marine and war hero.

Mishima from Skinny Writer to Bodybuilder and Samurai

People often tell me that they never saw a muscled writer. My answer to them is that they never saw Yukio Mishima, writer, bodybuilder and modern samurai!

He spent the last fifteen years of his life lifting weights and working out.

When he was ready he made photos of him with a sword in hand to show the world the results.

But Mishima was a skinny and boring Japanese writer…


An ex-skinny guy who, thanks to bodybuilding his passion that he practiced 3 times a week became muscular and fit.

He went from wimp to stud ! Look at his photo!

Yukio Mishima the writer transformed his body thanks to bodybuilding.

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Mishima was one of the greatest Japanese writers of all times and his books are tranlated in many languages.

He also had a private army of 100 men!

He wanted Japan to leave that wimpy modern world and become again a Samurai society!

He joined the Japanese army also, but I won’t tell you more about his fascinating life, I don’t want to spoil the excellent biography about him.

Yukio Mishima also changed himself inwardly thanks to bodybuilding. He explains here in his excellent book Sun and Steel why bodybuilding changed his life.

With courage and tenacity this ex-skinny guy managed to become a beast!

“But I have bad genetics!”

So what?

Stop finding excuses for doing nothing. Mishima also at the start was nothing like an Arnold !!!!

For all the discouraged guys who read me and cry and think they are too skinny to progress, if Mishima managed to turn into a muscled guy you also can !

Look at his photo he is well built and a natural bodybuilder.

Mishima loved bodybuilding so much that when he get married he told his wife before the wedding that she mustn’t bother him 3 times a week when he goes to the gym!

Follow his example for fitness the will power is more important than genetics. He was the living proof for that.

He trained like a beast to make such a progress.

Mishima and bodybuilding … without bodybuilding he would never have developed his physical and mental strength and wouldn’t have become a modern samurai!

Now go to train!

No more excuses!

No, the dumbbells will not get lifted by themselves!

Don’t you see? The dumbbells make fun of you they think you are a lazy and fat slob unable to lift them!

They say he will never lift me, he’s watching TV all day eating ice cream instead.

So lift them! Again and again, clenched teeth, suffer in silence.

Add push ups , and pulls ups, one more, and another, again and again.

Think of Mishima, from skinny and frailed guy to that beast, a Samurai!

It’s hard but never give up!

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Dan Assuied

Yukio Mishima, he was skinny and became a beast after 15 years training!