Limonov the daring writer who became famous in Paris and prisoner in Russia

Edward Limonov what a life! underground poet in Russia, penniless artist in New York, trendy writer in Paris, politician and prisoner in Russia! Discover the life of this magnificent bastard and writer.

Do you know Edward Limonov? He is a Russian writer, the best I’ve read, the other Russian writers make me want to sleep, too old-fashioned.

I read almost all his books but you do not care and you’re right.I’m going to talk about him instead on my blog that’s more interesting.

Limonov, underground poet in Russia

He was a thug in his teenage years, Limonov grew up in the city of Kharkov his hometown in the former USSR, Russia today.

At that time it was an Empire that scared the world.Limonov wrote about his years of delinquency in “Self-portrait of a bandit in his adolescence”.”A little bastard” tells about his years as a worker in a foundry and his love affairs are always a little gloomy and not sincere.

Limonov, delinquent, underground poet under Brezhnev and dissident, is expelled from his homeland by the authorities, to the despair of his parents whose father was an officer in the Russian army.

Limonov, years of trouble in New York

So here is Edward Limonov in exile in NYC with his wife, an icy Russian beauty, for those who love that kind of women.

His wife does not support poverty, and not her husband either, she even dumps him. And here is our Edward in New York broke, living in a dirty and filthy hotel, drinking cheap wine that burns and eating onky cabbage soup every day, because it is cheap and can be stored without a fridge.

He wrote inspired by his memories and years of struggle in New York “Le poète russe préfère les grands negres” which made him famous and allowed him to get out of his hard life. He also wrote the unforgettable “Journal of a missed ” .

He spits his hatred in often magnificent pages, of the ultra-capitalist Western society that turns people into robots who think only of making money.

Limonov consoles himself with less brilliant amours, tanned and wearing only white clothes, handsome and elegant although completely broke. But always with a knife in his boot, a habit of his years of delinquency in Russia.

He lives his poverty with class and elegance, and gets a tan by lifting weights on the roof of his building, living from meager American allowances and continuing to write.

Limonov trendy writer in Paris

He is refused by all the American publishers but one day luck smiles at him, and Paris takes him by the hand.

Why Paris? Because it is in my hometown that he found a publisher! And here is Edouard Limonov living in Paris, in a room in the Marais.

Quickly he becomes the darling of Parisian intellectuals and is even invited him to TV shows.

Limonov, always provocative, arrives at the TV show, dressed in the uniform of his father as an officer of the Red Army.

The intellectuals adopt it, his books are sold. He becomes overnight a trendy writer in Paris!

Very disciplined, he imposes himself every morning one hours of push ups and dumbbells, before writing every day 7 hours in a row. Then walk around Paris.

Limonov support for Serbia

Edward Limonov could have remained like that, stay in Paris and enjoy his media glory and continue to live from his pen.

Well no.

Faithful to himself and to his convictions as an adventurer and man of action, he chose in the midst of the war in Yugoslavia, to take sides with the Serbs.

We can even see him on the spot, shooting with the Serbian army with a heavy machine-gun.

Watch it here on Youtube.

The cameras of the French television film it. It will cost him his Parisian career, because the intellectuals there, anti-Serbs, will not forgive him his muscular pro-Serb commitment.

Limonov returns to Russia, political commitment

Edward Limonov, full of contempt for the Parisian nomenklatura, returns to Russia, because as the USSR collapsed, he sees a national destiny there and creates his own national political party.

He will even be arrested by Putin, who does not stand his competition, and thrown in prison for arms trafficking, attempted coup in Khazakstan and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

In prison, despite his age, Edward Limonov continues his daily routine of pushups and even writes some books inside the jail including “My prisons”.

He will come out of prison after 2 years and not after the required 14 years.

In France Edward Limonov well forgotten and whose books were selling 1 euro in the Latin Quarter (yes I bought them there) became popular again thanks to the biography of Emmanuel Carrère “Limonov”.

His new books are even translated into French, and the untraceable old ones are republished.

Edward Limonov, happy, finally took his revenge on the small Parisian world that boycotted him since his support for Serbia.

And I’m happy, I’m proud to have told you about one of my favorite writers.

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Dan Assuied

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Edward Limonov, magnificent writer and adventurer